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Predictable Violence

Sadly, the violence that we've recently seen in Kenosha and Portland has been, I think, predictable for a long time. I think that because I predicted something like it last year. You may recall that in the spring and early summer of 2019, there were…
August 30, 2020
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You Are What You Read

Does segmenting the market necessarily segment the gospel? Like many Christians, I tell multiple versions of my testimony. One focuses on being brought up by evangelical Christian parents and not remembering any precise moment of conversion. That’s not to say there weren’t decisive moments of…
May 7, 2020
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A Migrant Invasion?

Beyond platitudes and towards policy on immigration. On the night of Sunday, October 30, 1938, millions of radio listeners—as many as twelve million, by some accounts—tuned in to CBS Radio stations for a live-broadcast concert on Orson Welles’s program, The Mercury Theatre on the Air. A…
March 1, 2019