Noah Toly

Professor / Author / Researcher

Professor, Director of the Center for Urban Engagement

Wheaton College

Noah Toly is Executive Director of the Center for Urban Engagement (CUE) and Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations at Wheaton College. He also teaches serves as Non-Resident Senior Fellow for Global Cities at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and as Lecturer at the Free University of Berlin’s Center for Global Politics. His research and teaching interests include urban and environmental politics and ethics.

Essays & Reviews

Vocation in a Time of Precedented Uncertainty

If it’s worth doing at any time, it’s worth doing now. “Coronavirus could force the world into an unprecedented depression.” “Air pollution falls by unprecedented levels in major global cities during coronavirus lockdowns.” “Unprecedented nationwide blood studies seek to track U.S. coronavirus spread.” “Scientists learning…
May 28, 2020
Essays & Reviews

You Are What You Read

Does segmenting the market necessarily segment the gospel? Like many Christians, I tell multiple versions of my testimony. One focuses on being brought up by evangelical Christian parents and not remembering any precise moment of conversion. That’s not to say there weren’t decisive moments of…
May 7, 2020