Invitation 2

Dear Mr. Nick,

We at the International Union of Professional Library Assessment Younger Statisticians (IUPLAYS) cordially invite you to attend our next annual meeting in Ixtilingo, Guatemala, from June 27-31, 2017.

We hope you will consider submitting a paper for the conference. Themes will include, “Libraries of Tomorrow,” “Learning to Learn Like a Library Pro,” “Assessing Your Library, Assessing Yourself,” “Information Science Outcomes for Lifelong Learners,” and “When Statistics Fail to Tell the Whole Story – JK! Why You Can Quantify Everything.”

We invite you, McNeil, to submit your completed paper for publication in our journal, the Anals of Library Assessment Statistics. All submitted papers will be published at the low cost of only $2,500 apiece, or $3,500, if you include statistics. We only publish papers with statistics.

Finally, McNeil Nick, we at IUPLAYS want to thank you for your role in advancing the assessment of library assessment statistics. As a token of our gratitude, we have added you to our distribution lists. You may choose to receive daily digests of all emails in our system or you may choose weekly digests, in addition to the daily digests.

With sincerity,
Bartlett J Ostermann
President in Chief

See you in Ixtilingo!

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