Cities and Global Governance

In a recent issue of The European Journal of International Law, Helmut Philipp Aust has a review essay titled, “Shining Cities on the Hill? The Global City, Climate Change, and International Law.” In it he reviews single-authored volumes by Michele Acuto, Benjamin Barber, and Sofie Bouteligier, as well as an edited volume by Simon Curtis. The last two are published in Cities and Global Governance, a series I edit for Routledge. There is a lot to learn from Aust’s perspective on international law, his review is outstanding (and, unfortunately, paywalled, or I would link to it or post it here), and, what’s more, he has high praise for all four volumes. If I could, I’d reproduce it all here. Because I can’t, here’s a quote: “All in all, the four books should be eye openers for international lawyers. They invite us to read international law differently, i.e., to look at the sub-national level, a scale of government which is so often obscured from sight in our discipline.”

Here’s a link to Sofie Bouteligier’s book:


Here’s a link to Simon Curtis’ book:


A link to Michele Acuto’s book:


And a link to my review of Benjamin Barber’s book.

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