In-flight haiku

A crumpled napkin
On the airplane floor appears –
An angel of doom.

Somewhere over the Atlantic during my flight from Chicago to Frankfurt (after a 3+ hour ground delay in Chicago for multiple de-icings) we hit some really, really rough air – the kind that makes the plane creak just a little bit and turns folks green with nausea. I’m sure it didn’t really worry the flight crew, but attendants were asked to take their seats and some passengers looked worried, like they thought they might be part of the next big missing plane story. When I looked down at the floor, there was, out of the blue, a crumpled napkin that actually looked like an angel you might put on top of a Christmas tree. Strangely, my initial thoughts about it actually took the form of near-haiku (one syllable too long at first). I suppose that’s not the worst reaction to turbulence.

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