New Blog Site

So I’ve quit WordPress and moved my blog here to Tumblr. Why? Two main (and related) reasons:

  1. While I had posted a decent amount of original content, I tended to post quite a few interesting things I found in other places, along with a bit of commentary. Basically, it became a place for anything longer than a Tweet. I get the impression that Tumblr is a better platform for that.
  2. Tumblr works better with my workflow for those kinds of posts. I tend to find things I want to read, send them to an app in which I can read them later (first Read It Later, then Instapaper, now Pocket, the app formerly known as Read It Later), and then post them, usually from my phone or iPad. For some reason, those apps play nicely with Tumblr and not so nicely with WordPress.

I am thinking about a new title for this blog. I’ve never been keen on just using my name for it, and my name doesn’t seem to lend itself to a great title like “Millinerd.” Anyway, if you have any title ideas, feel free to send them my way.

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